Friday, August 3, 2012


As instructed by my loving Trash Heap, I sought out to explore new expressive pursuits. The first of which, a Booty Popping dance class, I expected to be well within my wheelhouse, having a considerable amount of booty to pop. Adventures never go as we first imagine, now do they? 

Vertical Fitness Dallas ( offers a number of classes full of unusual names and risque concepts. Sounds like my kinda place. I strolled in on a Thursday night, with no real idea what to expect other than a sore backside the next day. The studio is mirror lined and wood floored, there are fixtures in the ceiling to attach various apparatuses for vertical work(poles, silks, TXR handles). Shoes, no shoes? Your call. 

Our instructor was a petite purple haired skater pixie who ran the hour long class with adorable enthusiasm. Worth attending just for Cassie's personality alone, to say nothing of her ability to help a room full of folks explore multiple ways to "shake that jelly" (her words, not mine, hand on the Bible). For the uninitiated,  there are numerous methods of Booty movement - popping, shaking, vibrating, clapping, the list goes on.  Through demonstration and extensive breakdown of basic movement styles an hour passed as we learned, or in my case ATTEMPTED to learn, the fine art of shaking dat' ass (you got that this was at a pole dance studio, right?).  The funniest line of the night, which also happened to be some of the best instruction,  was delivered by the ever effervescent Cassie while showing us how to clap. "Go home, like Dorothy out of Oz. Click your heels, women."

Let me list for you the places that hurt after this hilarious hour of humility on hard wood flooring: glutes (max and min, for those wondering), hamstrings, quads, and the lower head of the spinal erectors. Booty Popping is not for the weak! 

The music was kicking, the class was informative, the moves were tough, the folks were friendly.All in all - fun was had! Three more classes at Vertical fitness. Aerial Yoga is on tomorrow's menu. Wee!


  1. I can't manage the Cuban Ass Walk, so my hat's off to you for tackling this!

  2. I don't have enough ass to even attempt this, let alone coordination or strength. You are braver than I. I can't wait to hear about Aerial Yoga, sounds cool and terrifying.