Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Never Again

As we trip along in life we collect and create so many bad habits and self damaging mental traps. Below you will find a short list of things I have picked up and it is time to shed, like funky gym socks after a Texas Summer run. There are also concepts that I have already ditched that I am vowing to never pick back up, no second helpings on these little pity pies. 

  • Sit down and eat a whole pizza again/pint of icecream/double bacon Whataburger
  • Wear a 2XL shirt again
  • Have a pants size that starts with a digit higher than 1
  • Be 'smoking drunk'
  • Dispair that my strong legs won't fit in skinny jeans
  • Grumble that my powerfully built ass won't allow me to wear a pencil skirt
  • Attempt to fulfill other people's ideals for my body image
  • Have a body weight that starts with a digit higher than a 1
  • Allow other people's negative lifestyle to change mine
  • Disparage someone's efforts to improve themselves just because it isn't the path I would take


  1. awesome! and I hope to be right there with you on most all those points.