Thursday, January 9, 2014

So this happened today

While lifting tonight at the rec center I couldn't help but notice the woman behind me in the free weights area going through what had to be her first or second weights session with her trainer. The guy was calm, encouraging and offered correction as needed for form, but she was clearly struggling with the workout. Not physically, she had plenty more to give there, but mentally she was stuck. I smiled and nodded encouragement between sets a few times. When she made a comment about this, I smiled and said, "I always love to see another woman learning to love weight lifting." The trainer, Christopher, out of politeness asked me, "Why is that?" ...

Little did he know just what an opening he offered me. I stopped moving around the cage to change weights and took a minute to really LOOK at the two people that were about to be my unwitting audience for a moment. Chris is young, tall, fit and confident. Rhonda (I later found out) was middle-aged, heavy, in ill fitted clothing, and very much unsure of her choice to try this new thing. " I used to be nearly  300lbs and had a number of health issues."

A quick round of "Really??"s went around.

"Then I found strength sports, or rather, they found me. First throwing the Scottish Games, then gradually lifting. It has changed my life, for the better. It is hard, and brutal on the body some days, but I always feel better for having done it. It has lead me to a better community to share my improved life with. And, it will for you too. Struggle on with it, you will improve." Handshakes and introductions all around and back to our workouts.

Chris approached me later to ask some additional questions and to offer me another very sincere handshake of thanks.

Some days it is good to look back and remember how hard it was to start - keeps me from quitting.