Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Holiday Ramp Up

The holidays with all the travel, and maddness are past! This year's festive season was a roller coaster that saw this section of Clan Boswell very unable to find our holiday mood. We were brushed by a sudden death, and a seemingly unending stream of family events. With all the highs and lows past, it is time to move forward.

That means tucking away all the bright baubles and shiney lights, and getting the nest in order, so that feathers long ruffled can be smoothed. Souther Girl Rule #1 - don't brave the world before you put on your face, and arm yourself with your best pearls.  Time to do just that!

The dawn of the new year sees me attending "school" again. A test run with on line education to see if  I can handle being a student again after a baker's dozen worth of years away from it. The plan is to get this first course complete by May, so that I can try to bring it bear over the summer months.  Hooray!

As ever, I am back on track with gym work and food. It is a never ending battle, but this year I intend to find the end of this war with my weight come Hell, highwater or hair-lipping the Pope. Now, if that comes in the form of finally getting to a reasonable weight, or turning this giggle into rock, I don't care, but change is coming. The fight isn't in the gym, it is in the kitchen. War will be waged on poor planning and easy choices.

So, that's whats new in the land of B. More to come...

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