Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spontaneous I am not...

But I am making a plan to be more creative.
My world has revolved around making my physical world and my body suit my needs for the last year or so. Several years back I was shocked when I looked in the mirror to discover I was hugely overweight and doughy. This was not the me I wanted to see, so I started my weight loss journey (which will come up in later blog posts) and home repairs. While good and good for me, it should not be all my world is, but this is your little earth borrowing B, so ya know I got all wrapped up in it and lost sight of other things.
Now the trick is to find those things that will spark my interest and drive. To that end, I will be exploring many new things in the near future, and ever so recent past. Starting with Open Stage, hosted by Creative Motion, lovingly known as the Circus Freaks, but more on that in its own post. This week will also see me painting some stuff for my house, and trying two new forms of dance. Weeee. 


  1. While I have fed my creative side and mostly ignored the meat sack (hello, air sign much?!), I, too, am feeling a little restless and unfulfilled. We should spend more fun time together and explore these things.

    Also, hate that I missed so many people at Open Stage. Mondays are rough, but I need to get over it...