Thursday, July 26, 2012

Becoming B

We are all of us works in progress. The questions is, in progress to what? What is it we are all trying to become? Something more? Something new? Something unique? Yes, we all want each of those things. We all reach for more and strive for the next step. It is the nature of the human experience. Reaching... across time and space we reach and explore. The seas, the stars, the microscopic worlds within our world, we explore and investigate.(for those that already speak fluent B, we poke it) How much harder is it to be still and reach within the unsinkable depths of your own soul? To find the winding path that leads to fulfillment and the ever illusive shine of contented self awareness.

Now, imagine you don't know what you want to be. The compass to your journey doesn't even have the cardinal directions on it. You are a stone among clouds, and don't know how to carve yourself into the next stage. At present, dear universe, your B is sans clue. A wise old trash heap told me today that I was also sadly sans Creative Outlet, and was much too much in the physical world and not half enough in the world of the mind and soul. As all good muppets know, when THE TRASH HEAP HAS SPOKEN! the truth is said and it is best to obey.

Welcome to the musings of the Muse in training, the shortest Valkyrie and your resident B. My hope is this will be an exploration, but it may well only be rambles, juxtapositions and rantings. Enjoy or ignore. Be well.