Thursday, February 7, 2013

Making a meal full of memories

Thursday nights are my evenings with my godson. This usually involves homework, reading fun books, silly cartoons and my cooking dinner. It may be the only day in a given week that this particular chore falls to me, rather than Glenn.

Tonight's meal was full of random memories of loved ones. I decided to grill up some lean beef burgers  and used some Bourbon Pepper Spice - a gift from Amy (who will forever be MyRollerDerbyAmy in my head) for a past Yuletide. My mind wander through a myriad of events and shades of orange (our signature shared color) as I mixed the spices together and shaped the burgers.

The kid knows that veggies are a must in my house, and today he picked lima beans. Yes, he picked lima beans out of a half dozen choices, this is how I know I have had some influence on the kid. For those that have eaten any holiday meal with me in the past 10 years, this should spark the memory of my polarizing dish of 3-bean-casserole. It is a love it or hate it item, but gets requested every year. I can clearly recall the first panicked phone call to my mother on "how do I make this?" at 3pm one Thanksgiving day. The first time Linnea gushed praise that it was her new favorite dish is a fond memory. Quickly countered by the quirky relocation that my younger brother still can't stand this dish due to his strange aversion to cheese and the year I disowned him for announcing he liked neither cheese nor pie.

Looking through the fridge I discovered a pair of lonesome abandoned yellow squash, and decided they should be a part of today's thrown together hash. How to prep them? Well, I am a limited cook, as I mentioned, and I know only one way to cook them up. Pan seared with a touch of oil and a dash of salt. This method was learned sitting on the edge of a formica counter top peering over the shoulder of one of my oldest friends, Tommy, while he scolded me for not knowing how to cook up "country style veggies".  Now I know both his beautiful daughters, we are pen pals.

A meal full of memories, shared with a boy who is quickly becoming a young man that I hope to make tons of memories and meals with!

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